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Original ScreenplaysOriginal Screenplays and Short Stories

A MESSAGE FROM UNIT 493 (Winter 2017/2018)

A message from the past.

Status: Completed - Short story

ARCHETYPES (Fall 2017)

Was Carl Jung right?

Status: Completed - Short story

FAILURE (Summer 2017)

Future generations would remember me as the father of civilization.

Status: Completed - Short story


A professor makes a world changing discovery.

Status: Completed - Short story

TO beta-VANVERDEN AND BACK (Winter 2016/2017)

They undertook an intergalactic mission to restore the former glory of their civilization.

Status: Completed - Short story


A trip to Saturn to validate the truth.

Status: Completed - Short


Two people from the past meet to discuss their history.

Status: Completed - Short

INTRUSION (Winter 2014)

It's not a good day for the telephone solicitors.

Status: Outline Completed - Script 50% completed

Aleph to Taw - The Book (Winter 2014)

A very long journey.

Status: Outline Completed -Seven part series

East Cleveland Trilogy (Winter 2014)

Turbulent times during the formative and exploration years.

Status: Outline Completed - 3 Feature Film Series

A.G. - C.R. (Summer 2014)

A fun story about a rite of passage.

Status: Outline Completed and First Draft Script Nearly Completed - Feature

Synchronicity (Spring 2014)

Bad circumstances drive two people to become friends under highly unlikely conditions.

Status: Outline Completed - Feature

A Night in the Park (Fall 2013)

Short story about a woman who encounters a bad guy in the park, but she has her revenge in a not too subtle way.

Status: Completed - Short

JAG (Summer 2013) "This is a good day to die"

Fiction story about a special Native American man with humble beginnings.

Status:Part 1 (first draft) Completed - Feature - Potential for a Part 2

And Yet It Moves (Spring 2013) "The reward for independent thought."

An animated short filme about a historic figure and a visitor.

Status: Completed - Short

Confluence (Late Winter 2012)
"When her realities coalesce, they transend the boundaries of reason"

Lilith, helps a rape victim and meets Jacob, a serial killer.

Status: Fifth draft Completed - Feature - Strong part 2 potential

Control Freaks (Winter 2012) "What goes around, comes around."

The interaction of a lawyer, his wife and a client which leads to a tragic conclusion.

Written in collaboration with Greg Nutcher.

Status: Completed - Short

Aleph to Taw - aberger (Winter 2012) "After much fruitless hope, what's next?"

A solitary man reflects on his lonely past and contemplates his future, if any.

Status: Completed - Short


Fiction story about a common man who becomes a great outstanding man.

Status: In Process - Series of features

The Assassin (Spring 2012) "You could go down in history as a great one"

A fiction story about the attempted assassination of the president of the USA by a most unusual person.

Status: Completed - Short that can be expanded to a feature

The Trail... (working title) (In Process)

A historically based fiction story.

Status: In Process - Feature

Leave (Spring 2011)

Short story about a man who encounters one of the bad guys, but he has his revenge in a not too subtle way.

Status: Completed - Short

The Demo Reel for James W. Hawk - filmmaker (Winter 2010)

Narrator's dialogue for the demo reel.

Status: Completed - Short

Family (Fall 2010)

Short story about a father who has problems with his son, but comes to the realization that he needs his help.

Status: Completed - Short

Ethan (Summer 2010) "Wiser than his years"

Short story about a father-son relationship.

Status: Completed - Short

Best Screenplay (Spring 2010)

Short story about a man passed his prime who wins a screenwriting award for all of the wrong reasons.

Status: Completed - Short

Aleph to Taw: Part 4 (Winter 2009) "There must be more to life than this"

Solitary man finds three items, any of which could change the course of his existance.

Status: Completed - Short

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MOE... (Fall 2009) "My choices determine my life"

A down n' out cop tries desparately to save his troubled marriage.

Status: Completed - Short

Doritos - Other Worldly (Fall 2009)

A commercial for the January, 2010 Superbowl

Status: Completed - Short

Cuniunctio (Spring 2009)

A short story about two people that are so far apart and yet they're the same.

Status: Completed - Short

Eaten by the Sea - a MusicFilm (Winter 2008)

A MusicFilm featuring British rocker, Trevor Tanner. This is a highly scripted work with actors. A MusicFilm is a short movie that attempts to visually display the meaning of the song.

Status: Completed. Video storyboarded.

Confluence (Early Fall 2008)
"When her realities coalesce, they transend the boundaries of reason"

Lilith, helps a rape victim and meets Jacob, a serial killer.

Status: Completed - Feature

The Reunion (Summer 2008)

Spec. script

Status: In development - Feature

Our World Order (Spring 2008)

A Jamie Bondo - Agent 777 adventure. Dr. Do Rong and Ivana Gettsome have stolen the world's worst weapon from America's Nuclear Research Center for Osama bin Bad and his incentive of $2 1/2 billion. Will Jamie be able to keep this horrible weapon
out of the hands of the terrorists and return our world to a safe and secure state?

Status: Completed - Short.

Road Warriors (Winter 2007)

Spec. script

Status: In development - Feature

Angel - a MusicFilm (Fall 2007)

A highly scripted MusicFilm with actors portraying a George Vee song.

Status: Completed - Short - On hold

Dayna-Vincent Wedding Reception Introduction (Fall 2007)

This is a wedding reception film with a scripted introduction done in the style of Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather; performed and narrated by the father of the groom.

Status: Completed and delivered

The Great War (Summer 2007)

Spec script

Status: In Development - Feature

Alpha to Omega: Part 4 (Winter 2006)

Gene Retare may be the only living life form on the planet.

There are two versions of this work, the original and the Director's Cut.

Status: Completed - Short
Feature:In development. There are Parts 1, 2, 3, 5 and this is not all of Part 4.

Multiple Personalities - Doritos Television Commercial (Fall 2006)

This was a Doritos commercial for a Frito-Lay Super Bowl contest.

Status: Completed - Short, but did not air.

"Inspirational" Contest (Late Summer 2006)

This was for a contest to generate an inspirational video.

Status: Completed - Short, but did not air.

Old School Roadster on a Budget (Spring/Summer 2006)

This was only lightly scripted.

Status: Aired widely for years on local Connecticut television stations.