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James W. Hawk, Filmmakerabout James W. Hawk - Director - Filmmaker

Filmmaking covers a lot of different forms. Below I will highlight those areas in which I have experience.

Narrative films

This is by far my favorite form. It is the most creative and challenging for me. I have produced several narrative short films, some of which have been shown at film festivals, other public venues and local television stations. I have not done a feature yet, but I look forward to that experience whenever the proper time and financing becomes available. I am working on a short animation narrative.


I have done many different forms of documentaries. I have done behind the scenes, industrial, promotional, travel and right now I am working on an experimental documentary.

Music Videos

I have done several music videos, but I use a style that is very different from the norm. I can't stand the usual herky jerky music video. I find it very disturbing and annoying. I study the song and try to figure out what it is saying. Then I put togethet a short film to visually show what the song is communicating. I call my style a "musicfilm". Some have aired on local television stations.

Demo Reels

I have done demo reels for actors.


I have done several commercials. The challenge in this form is to convey your message in a very short time and have it be crystal clear. I have done these with actors and with animation.