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James W. Hawk, Filmmakerabout James W. Hawk, Author-Screenwriter

I have written scripts for almost everything I have directed and produced. That includes narratives, documentaries, animated films, commercials and music videos.

Training - screenwriting

My formal training took place over two semesters at Quinnipiac University under the tutelage of Liam O'Brien, professor of communications, when I took basic and advanced scriptwriting. O'Brien has professional credits including Emmy and other award-winning documentaries that have been shown on public television, in national and international film festivals and broadcast internationally. He has worked as a director and/or producer for Discovery Communications, Turner Broadcasting, National Wildlife Productions, Audubon Productions and CBS News and has served in a variety of production capacities on over a dozen feature films. O'Brien received his MFA from The Art Institute of Chicago, a master's from the University of Rhode Island and a bachelor's from Fairfield University.


My scripts

Fox Searchlight asked me to submit one of my scripts to them for review and consideration.
I have been writing scripts for some time and have a large body of work. This includes several features and many shorts, most of which could be extended into features.


Published short stories

One of my science fiction short stories, FAILURE, went to number two on the Amazon Best Selling U.S. Short Story list.
Another of my short stories, TO beta-VANVERDEN AND BACK was given a five star out of five star review by Clyde Phillips, a writer and producer for the award winning DEXTER TV series.
One of my short stories, WILLARD'S FUNDAMENTAL FORCES, went to number 11 on the Amazon Best Selling Science Fiction Anthology list.
I am in the process of writing the most epic science fiction story ever written. It is titled ALEPH TO TAW. It consists of many short stories that will tell the entire story when it is finished.